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Rooting Android Devices

by Ucup Budug

Rooting Android devices

Why should do root ? Have access to system or ROM, will be easily modify devices by tweaking or installing rom custom.

Risk of root? System will open, will be easily accessed by intruder application or virus.

How to root?

  1. Make sure your device has internet network access
  2. Download and install latest version of kingroot.apk on android devices
  3. Open Kingroot.apk
  4. Tap ROOT button
  5. The root process starts, it will perform some root experiment based on the server then the network signal strength must be strong.
  6. Ignore if the phone reboots automatically, this is normal.
  7. Root finished.
  8. If not successful then you need to installing custom recovery like TWRP or CWM, followed by installing SuperSU.zip to have root privileges.

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