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How to Remove Malware Virus On Android Without Deleting Data

Hi friends, are you’ve ever experienced anything like this on a phone / tablet android you?

  • The ads often appear on the screen every time you connect to the internet
  • Automatic download the apps, but you do not do.
  • Touch screen is suddenly difficult touched / error / not working
  • Blank, white screen
  • Storage is full, even though we know that we still have a lot of storage space
  • Phone or tablets running slow.
  • And other strange events that happened on your mobile phone, although it has been repeatedly perform a factory reset (data / cache), uninstall the app, but application is still is always there πŸ™

If so you experiencing, in this article we will discuss about these things.

We need to know, lately booming rampant spread of the virus on a phone or tablet especially those operating on android system, the purpose of the spread of viruses is for a variety of needs or interests of an individual virus creator, such as the wish to steal important users data, commercial advertising so they quickly get money from ads that appear, or may be competition between vendors a device or apps developers, I do not know, of course this is very detrimental to users in particular. so the chronology is experienced above are some of the things that are caused by a virus, because the virus is able to change your settings, such as changing calibration, change Internet settings, and more.


The question is why the virus can enter to system?.. This is reasonable, because android phone is not yet in root and rooted, both the same may be affected. because of the way they work is through automated root -> then solve application clone / incognito or also called malware.



Then how to solve it?

Before we know how to solve it, we need to know in advance how to avoid them, as the saying goes wise “Ready umbrella before the rain” πŸ™‚

The things you need to avoid :

  • Installing applications beyond the Playstore or from an untrusted site
  • Installing applications pro version (Premium) are offered free of charge by a site
  • Visiting porn sites
  • Downloading .apk file but in the form of an application installer, and other woods.


Well now we start to how to deal with it, if the viruses have been forced prevalent on your android.

Here I try to use the manual method, without the need to hard reset, so the possibility of data and settings of your phone to remain intact. but if you have trouble following the instructions below, you should update firmware using the official firmware, because it is best way to cope with the virus, but in my experience, sometimes the virus is still there. Why is that? The solution is just format your SD-Card.


Prepare the ingredients :

  • Rootexplorer.apk
  • Already, only that πŸ˜›

Here’s how :

      1. Turn off Internet connection, how do I turn it off? if I turned off will be automatically come back to life although set in flight mode. Solution : remove your SIM card πŸ˜›
      2. Root your device beforehand. How? Recognize your phone “device name and model number”, then find articles that discuss properly on how to root your phone on Google search or perhaps in if any. How to i rooted? The screen can not be touched, I can not rooting my device? can root through the TWRP/CWM or force in order to root if you use the application rooting.
      3. Download, install and open Root Explorer.apk
      4. Delete Folder and suspicious files in Internal memory and external (Sd-card / Sd-card1), as an example I find the files and folders as below ..

        /sdcrad/tinyad (File removed)
        /sdcrad/.rfuck/… (Folder removed)
        /sdcrad/.baseroot/… (Folder removed)

      5. Β if you are still in a state of the stock firmware, delete all files that do not have .odex, for example: SystemUI.apk and SystemUI.odex (Do not delete like this), you are only allowed to delete applications that do not have friends (.odex), in the case, I found several applications :

        – setings.apk (Not Settings.apk)
        – Certificate.apk
        – providerdown.apk
        – com.fition.wsatlle.apk
        – ThemeManags.apk
        – providerCertificate.apk
        – cameraupdate.apk


      6. Go to the folder /system/ bin/ and /system/ xbin/, delete files that you suspect to be virus.
      7. If you have finished delete, reboot your phone.
      8. Go to Settings -> Management application -> Download -> Delete apps that you feel, you do not ever put it up
      9. Turn off the phone, and then plug it back your SIM-card and turn on the phone.
      10. enjoy it πŸ˜€

Note :

  • To make it easier to delete virus file or folder, I recommend you to download the same firmware as the current one via phone or PC. then extract the firmware …. View the contents in the firmware you downloaded, if there are more files in your phone on rootexplorer.apk, then immediately delete.
  • In other cases, rootexplorer.apk can not have root permission. The solution, you have to make (Search on google), Write list the names of file.apk (Open explorer menu -> creat new file -> use the same name as you suspect a virus). enter into then install via custom recovery (TWRP / CWM).


So little of my experience sharing, may be useful. If the problem still persists, please contact your doctor πŸ™‚
Please scolds me if there is a mistake, let me know if you have a good idea. Let’s discuss in the comments field.

Regards, Fordroid.




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