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Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 AU Japan Firmware .ftf For Flashing Tool

by Rizqi droid

Sony Xperia L2 H4331 .ftf Stock rom Firmware for flashtool

Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 AU Japan Firmware .ftf For Flashing Tool

Can be used to unbrick, update, downgrade, rollback, virus removal, firmware repair, factory reset, softbrick solution, fix unknown imei or baseband, unroot, Bypass or FRP Unlock, Switching from japanese rom to global rom, Global rom to Japan, Global to Europe and other.
What we need before flashing your Sony Xperia ZL2

  • Make sure your model number is SOL25 from Japan by AU
  • Prepare it Windows OS XP/7/8/10 PC computer / Laptop / Notebook
  • USB cable data Which is suitable for your Sony Xperia ZL2
  • Charge your Sony Xperia ZL2 battery up to 60%
  • Download Latest version of Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 Flashtool & Drivers (Fastboot DIAG mode) than install on computer > here
  • How to Know your Sony model number In order not to flash the wrong firmware :
    • In the Settings.apk/about phone/…Read here..
    • in the Card slot
    • Behind the battery
    • In the BOX
  • Download Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 firmware .ftf included .sin or .img file for flashtool bellow….

Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 Firmware Download

Model number Product Device name Market OS Version Build number Flashtool file name Firmware link
SOL25 Sony Xperia ZL2 Japan (MultiLanguage) Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow 23.1.G.2.151 SOL25_23.1.G.2.151_1281-2928_R18C.ftf Download
SOL25 Sony Xperia ZL2 Japan (MultiLanguage) Android 4.4 Kitkat 17.1.C.0.307 SOL25_17.1.C.0.307_KDDI_JP.ftf Download
SOL25 Sony Xperia ZL2 Japan (MultiLanguage) Android 4.4 Kitkat 17.1.1.C.1.64 SOL25_17.1.1.C.1.64_au.ftf Download

How to Flash Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 Firmware

Disclaimer: ForDroid is not responsible for anything if your device lost or get unknown baseband or IMEI, hardbrick after following our tutorial, everything is your own risk. If you are sure, please continue and please always do a full backup of your data system before flashing.

  1. Install Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 driver on your computer
  2. Run (Double click) flashtool- and for the first time, enable the internet to synchronize firmware
  3. Click the Lightning logo in the upper left corner and than choose Flashmode.
  4. Click on the firmware (Here I using Sony Xperia Z3) Just click the small arrow until the build number appears and click the build number. see image below..

    Flashing Sony Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 via flashtool

    Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 flashtool

  5. Check all options for removing flash. Other options just ignore it. Remember, just ignore it. Then click Flash.
  6. Wait a minute, Flashtool sets the firmware for flash. If a window appears to plug in the Xperia, turn it off and plug it in using the USB cable while pressing the volume down, the green LED will light up. The flashing process will run automatically. Just wait until it’s finished.

    Repair firmware Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 via flashtools

    Repair Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 flashtools done


  • In many cases your cellphone must be unlocked bootloader before upgrading software, such us Upgrade Sony Xperia ZL2 SOL25 from Android 9 Pie to Android 10 Q
  • Global ROM is the firmware from official to International market included multilanguage and GooglePlaystore
  • MMC hardware or internal memory error if Sony flashtool have notification “ERROR – Processing of system.sin finished with errors”
  • After flashing the first boot menu, you might be asked for Sony account or Google FRP, if you forget your username and password you must bypass it first or just flash custom rom like Cyanogen mod, havoc os, lineago os, AOSP but your Sony Xperia ZL2 need TWRP installed and rooted first.

Thanks to official Sony mobile support, AndroPlus, Xperifirm, androidfilehost, 4pda, XDA forums and all android develover.

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