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SRK Tools & Utility For Huawei Android Mobile Phones

by Ucup Budug

The SRK Tools Huawei 

Can use to:

  • Unlocking/Relock bootloader all huawei mobile devices
  • Rooting all huawei mobile devices
  • Installing Stock or custom recovery
  • Backup / restore system firmware all huawei mobile devices
  • Unbrick Huawei mobile devices

Preparation before use:

  • PC window OS
  • Your device must be connected to pc using adb driver, download driver -> here
  • Download Huawei usb driver -> here
  • Download the latest SRKTool
    Name Status File Name Size Link
    SRKtool Huawei v0.1 Beta SRKToolHuawei-beta-01_20160429.zip 11.7MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v0.2 Beta SRKToolHuawei-beta-02_20160501.zip 84MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v0.3 Beta SRKToolHuawei-beta-03_20160504.zip 103.7MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v0.4 Beta SRKToolHuawei-beta-04_20160507.zip 102.7MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v0.5 Beta SRKToolHuawei-beta-0410_20160507.zip 151.3MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.0 Stable SRKToolHuawei-STABLE-V1.0-20160521.zip 200.2MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.1 Stable SRKToolHuawei-STABLE-V1.1-20160506.zip 258.1MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.2 Stable SRKToolHuawei-STABLE-V1.2-20160609.zip 258.1MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.3 Stable SRKToolHuawei-STABLE-V1.3-20160619.zip 386.5MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.4 Stable SRKToolHuawei-Tom-Yum-Kung-V1.4-20160626.zip 386.8MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.5 Stable SRKToolHuawei-Pad-Thai-V1.5-20160717.zip 403MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.6 Stable SRKToolHuawei-Som-Tum-Thai-V1.6-20160723.zip 584.3MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.7 Stable SRKToolHuawei-Khanom-Chan-V1.7-20160812.zip 620.8MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.8 Stable SRKToolHuawei-Panang-Kai-V1.8-20160904.zip 644.9MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v1.9 Stable SRKToolHuawei-Luk-Chub-V1.9-20160929.zip 760.8MB Download
    SRKtool Huawei v2.0 (Latest version) Stable SRKToolHuawei-Lod-Chong-V2.0-20161002.zip 761.5MB Download

How to use:

  1. Download and install driver on computer
  2. Hubungkan huawei phone to computer using USB cable
  3. Extrack .zip and run SRK tool.exe and see images below:

Credit to : somboons (droidth) @xda, donate with email paypal : [email protected] to support developer



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