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How to Updates firmware Meizu Android Phones Using FlashFire

by Ucup Budug

The Global Flyme OS supports multi-language, this tutorial teaches you how to Update Official Flyme OS  firmware on Meizu Android phones and install Google Play Store.

  • Index A for Universal/Public Edition
  • Index G for Global/International
  • Index Y for Public (Chinese)
  • Index QY for Chinese Telecommunications Edition
  • Index Q for Chinese Telecommunications Edition
  • Index MY is Mobile customization


Warning : This tutorial is applicable to Meizu Phones, for other Phones you can consult other tutorials.
We have tried many times this tutorial, is effective remedy. But we are not sure that each user can do well, if your phone does not work after installation, we do not take any responsibility.

Note : Guides Unbricking/Updates/Downgrade firmware Meizu Phones –> Read Here

1. Preparations.

  • Download and unzip tool Meizu MX6, will 2 APKs.Flashfire, SuperSU
  • Download the firmware Meizu Global MX6. (After downloading, rename the document “update.zip_” to “update.zip”) –> Here
  • Connect your phone to your computer, copy the three documents downloaded to your mobile (Flashfire, SuperSU, firmware)

  • Firmware Before installing Global confirms that the phone battery is more than 30%, if in the process of installation, the phone has no battery, it will not turn on, you have to send it to the factory for repair.

2. Make ROOT
– Access Flyme account (if you have not register one)

– Enter “Fingerprint and security”, open ROOT, the Meizu will restart

– Enter “Flyme Tools” -> “File Explorer” -> “APK”, Install “SuperSU” and “Flashfire”.

– Open SuperSU, follow the steps below. Especially the fourth photo, you have to select NORMAL .3. Flashing Meizu Firmware

  • After updating SuperSU, return to the desktop, open Flashfire, follow the steps below to install Global Firmware.
  • The Meizu will reboot and automatically install, it will take ten minutes, turn off the phone when charging.
  • After installation, the system has changed to Global Flyme OS, take Multi-language.
  • Install Google Play. How to update? The update also need ROOT must install SuperSU and Flashfire. When you install Firmware, do not select Wipe, this operation will erase all data on the phone. For backup, data before the update. And follow the instructions below.

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