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Guides Unbricking/Updates/Downgrade firmware Meizu Phones

by Ucup Budug

Installing MEIZU Android Phones Firmware

if you need try using FlashFire -> Read here

Warnings and Precautions

  • do not forget that sometimes recommended a full reset (format) , so as not to bring the tails of the previous firmware.
  • Download the correct firmware (all links are in the header of the theme of your phone).
  • Please Note that even though this statement is essentially universal, but it is subject to MX4 and when you go out of your order on your device, then keep in mind that the files must be taken from their phone model and not on the MX4. The same is true if you do not understand something and you ask questions about the topic. Do not forget to return to the theme of your phone.
  • Strictly abide by the name of “update” and extension “.zip”, If the name is not correct in recovery see the words “Firmware not found”.
  • Do not forget to check the integrity of the file. Note that even MD5 checking the firmware file there is a theoretical possibility that when you copy a file to the phone will not be copied completely.It is better to once again verify the MD5 on the phone (unfortunately does not work in the 3rd version of the installation because the file is temporary and will be deleted as soon as we come out of rekaveri, but on the computer after copying to the folder G:\Recovery, we can still check MD5) . MD5 can synchronize the phone also using various applications. I have been using Solid Explorer File Manager.

Starting updates /Downgrade firmware Meizu Phones


1) Please do not upgrade the phone with non-official firmware

2) Upgrading international version phone with the mainland China Simple Chinese version firmware may lead to compatibility issues

3) Before upgrading, check that the battery has at least 20% capacity

4) Selecting “Clear data” will delete all personal data ( such as Notes, Email, and Contacts); whereas the internal storage for Music and Camera photos …etc. will remain intact.

5) Already opened system permission (ROOT), the user must select “Clear Data” to clear phone data for firmware upgrade, Otherwise, it may cause abnormal system or application error ;

6) After upgrading the firmware, if system reboot or application force close, please try to reset your phone or re-upgrading (Settings-> phone->Storage->Factory reset to reset the phone)

Option 1

1. Place the root of the internal memory “update.zip” file.
2. Sign in to Windows Explorer / File Manager / documents (depending on the friendly slang).
3. Press / tapnut / click (depending on the friendly slang) to update.zip.

4. Choose whether or not the “Clear data” “clear data” (wipe / wipe / formatting system cache and data). The data files with photos, video, music, games, documents, and so on. N. Will not be removed.

Option 2 (without a computer)

1. “update.zip” firmware file must be located in the root of the internal memory.

2. Turn off the phone.
3.Hold the “power + volume up” button to enter the “recovery”

4. Choose whether or not “clear data” “clear data” and click “Next”, “the next”

Option 3 (with a computer)

1. Turn off the phone
2. Press the “power + volume up” to enter the “recovery” (hold the button just before the inscription meizu, then release both buttons, or well enough to let go of “power” button)

3. Connect your phone to a computer, causing the folder appears the G: \ “recovery”
4. In this folder copy the firmware file in the format “update.zip”.
5. After copying the file, without fail disconnect your phone from the computer.
6. Choose whether or not to clear data “clear data” and click Next “next”
to stitch
Note: keep in mind the temporary file and deleted as soon as we come out of rekaveri.

Notes :

Undo / downgrade (Eng. Downgrade)
Downgrade (to return later to an earlier version of the firmware) is possible by any embodiment of the above.
The main thing is that the process of transition to a newer firmware (for example, 4.5.2) to older (for example, accompanied by data cleaning. In any case, I recommend the third option. And there is a solution for you.
There are certainly exceptions for rollback. The logic is not revealed until the end, but overall will zoom through the very first firmware. Those. in fact roll back is possible through preset at the factory firmware. For example, a plant stood firmware 4.0.3, the rollback will be done through it. The difficulty lies in the fact that sellers are often the factory firmware is reset, and then have to choose the firmware manually.

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