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[Official][ROM] LG G4 H812 Canadian Stock Rom

by Ucup Budug


You can use these firmware to :

    • Unbrick LG G4 H812
    • Updates LG G4 H812
    • Downgrade LG G4 H812
    • Hared Reset / Restore LG G4 H812 to 100 % stock factory
    • Unroot LG G4 H812
    • Repair solutions for LG G4 H812 if boot loop, Hardbrick, Lost recovery, or can’t boot to home screen and we know that this is not a problem with the machine or Hardware, but only software. This usually occurs because installing false firmware, remove some parts needed by the android system or overclocking CPU or infected by Virus “Malware”.

Notes :

    • How to Flashing LG G4 H812 → Read Here
    • Download LG G4 Firmware based Versions : H815 (EMEA), H815TR (Turkey), H815T (Hong Kong), H815P (LATAM, South Africa), H812 (Canada), H810 (AT&T), H811 (T-Mobile), LS991 (Sprint), VS986 (Verizon), US991 (US Cellular)
    • All LG Mobile Phone KDZ Firmware / Stock Rom → Download here
    • LG G4 H812 Full phone specifications –> Read Here


  LG G4 H812 (Canada) Stock Firmware

Device name Model Number Region Suffix Firmware version Link
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Telus) TLS H81210F_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Telus) TLS H81210G_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Rogers) RGS H81210H_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Rogers) RGS H81220e_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (WindMobile/Telus) AWC, TLS H81210n_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Videotron) AVC H81210F_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Videotron) AVC H81210G_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Bell Mobility) BLM H81210E_00 Download
LG G4 LG H812 Canada (Bell Wireless Alliance) BWA H81210E_00 Download

How To Root LG G4  H812


Original Root Method for the LG G4 – @thecubed
DIY Root Injection Guide – @hackarchive

Rooted System images for LG G4  H812 (Bell, Rogers, Telus, Wind)

H81210E – @kleedrac
H81210N – @anterus
H81210O – @Buddyjohn

Version N

H81210n_00_1204.kdz Update : https://mega.nz/#!nYRRUCRa!bzLVweOnM…JgNQ7y0PqqOZhA
Rooted System Image: https://mega.nz/#!uEJyUB4D!mMoh6MZOp…sUXY9bcPKYdPqE
Original N / non rooted system image: https://mega.nz/#!3UQjQbpb!jDuUMRqq3…CBVioB0NmGW2uA

Version G (if you are not on Canadian H812 – do not downgrade, or you will brick your device) – if you require it for any reason:
H81210G_00.kdz Update: https://mega.nz/#!bBJRULBI

Rooted System images for LG G4 H812 (Rogers) :

H81210H – @GibMcFragger Give them a Thanks!
H81210N – @nabbasi Give them a Thanks!

Installation guides for system.img

  • Use the following command to back up your system partition to internal storage, then copy it via USB to your computer:
dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0 bs=8192 skip=65536 count=548352 of=/data/media/0/system.img

Command to flash rooted system image:

dd if=/data/media/0/rootedsystem.img bs=8192 seek=65536 count=548352 of=/dev/block/mmcblk0
  • Put your device in download mode and connect it to your PC.
  • Open port.bat and make sure to write down the number after com. There maybe different com numbers but choose the one that has DIAG1 on the same line as it. Note it down this is important.
  • Hold shift and right click in any empty space in the extracted folder. Choose open command windows here.
  • In that copy and paste this
  • Send_Command.exe \\.\COM[*insert your number here]
  • Now you’re in send command mode. Nothing looks different on your phone but it’s find. It should just remain in download mode.

Do not forget to factory reset your G4, or you may be getting application crashes.

After the N update (H81210n), baseband version is at: MPSS.BO.2.5.c3-00070-M899FAAAANAZM-1 , Android v5.1 – still..

After installation of H812 version N, highly recommending to back up your phone completely with Flashfire, it restarts android in minimalist fashion, and creates an in-memory equivalent of recovery, that allows you to backup / restore (haven’t tried) all of the system partitions.

Special credits to :

pranoyTen , anterus

hackarchive for root any LG .. tutorial

XDA – Developer


LG Official site

Please Leave comment if you have question or found broken link.

Notes : No root for Marshmallow

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