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[Official][ROM] LG G3 F460 Stock Rom / Firmware

by Ucup Budug

Official LG G3 F460 Stock Rom



You can use these files to :

    • Unbrick LG G3 LG -F460
    • Updates LG G3 LG -F460
    • Downgrade LG G3 LG -F460
    • Restore LG G3 LG -F460 to 100 % stock factory
    • Repair solutions for LG G3 LG -F460 if boot loop, Hardbrick, Lost recovery, or can’t boot to home screen and we know that this is not a problem with the machine or Hardware, but only software. This usually occurs because installing false firmware, remove some parts needed by the android system or overclocking CPU. Or do you feel disturbed by virus attacks such as malware ? Well, this is the solution.

Notes :

LG G3 (LG -F400L/S/K) Firmware
Device name Device model Firmware version Link
LG G3 LG -F460 KTF F460K20C_00.kdz Download
LG G3 LG -F460 LG U+ F460L20C_00.kdz Download
LG G3 LG -F460 LGF460SAT-00-V10i-KT-KR-AUG-18-2014+0.kdz Download

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