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Unlocking Bootloader Huawei Android Devices

by Ucup Budug


Unlocking Bootloader Huawei Android Devices

First Method : With Email

This is official method to unlock bootloader huawei devices with safe, But you take a long time depending on the reply email. IcemanSR describes the official method clearly. You need to send an email to [email protected]. Your email must contain the following information :

For Example Title :

Bootloader unlock request Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxx IMEI: xxxxxxxxxx Product ID: xxxxxx Model: HUAWEI Y560-U01

Serial, IMEI and Model are located under battery. Product ID can be obtained by “calling” to * # * # 1357946 # * # *, after doing this your phone must display a code with 8 characters. From minutes to days you will receive an email from Huawei with your unlock code, be careful not to filter it to spam or recycle bin.

Notes :

  • If Huawei is not sending back your unlock code check again spam and recycle bin folders in your email account. Send the very same email to alternative Huawei email accounts: [email protected] or [email protected] Some users gmail and hotmail users have reported they didn’t receive their unlock code anyway, trying from a domain other than hotmail.com or gmail.com seems to solve this problem. Finally, you can use PieroV’s template, which worked for some users.
  • However note that users VisualTech48 and himister have gotten their code easily when they sent the mail in the evening of CHINA (+8 CST), around 7-9 o’clock China time.


Second Method : Unlock bootloader without e-mail

This is a method often done by many android developers via fastboot mode

  1. Download files below :
  2. Install Adb Fastboot Driver on PC/Laptop
  3. Extract Adb Fastoot tools
  4. at phone, Install and open Develover Option.apk to enable USB Debugging
  5. Connect your phone to PC using USB Cable
  6. at PC, open Adb Fastoot tools folder and than Press Shift+Right click on keyboard or mouse and select Open command window here (CMD)
  7. Type command below one by one and hit enter to confirm “YES”
    fastboot oem get-bootinfo “this command to make sure the bootloader is unlocked or no”

    adb reboot boatloader Your device will automatically enter fastboot mode”
    fastboot oem unlock 1234567891234567“this is command to unlocking bootloader”
    fastboot reboot “this is command to restart your device, You can ignore this command by unplugging the battery”


Notes :

  • if 1234567891234567 not work, try code: 123456789012345678
  • Command “fastboot oem lock” If you don’t want your bootloader unlocked anymore
  • Select “YES” if your android device send pop-up about adb signature “YES or NO”
  • Manual open fastboot mode Turn off your device , Press simultaneously VOLUME DOWN+POWER button to open bootloader mode.

Enjoy it.

Regards, Fordroid.

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