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Official Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H Stock Rom

by Ucup Budug

Official Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H Stock Rom / Firmware


These stock firmware include PIT, CSC, PDA, MODEM for Update/Downgrade firmware Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H , Unbrick Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H, restore Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H to 100% stock official, repair Samsung Galaxy J2 SM-J200H like bootloop “Stuck on logo”, can’t boot to menu, Lost recovery or Hard brick and we know that this is not a problem with the machine or Hardware, but only software. This usually occurs because installing false firmware, remove some parts needed by the android system or overclocking CPU. Or do you feel disturbed by virus attacks such like malware ? Well, this is the solution.

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Samsung Galaxy J2  Firmware
Device Model : SM-J200H
Press Ctrl+F key and Write your Country or Region for searching.
Country Region Version OS Build date Url
Iran THR J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
THR J200HXXU0AOJ3 5.1.1 13.10.2015 Download
Afghanistan AFG J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
AFG J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Tunisia TUN J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
TUN J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
United Arab Emirates LYS J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
XSG J200HXXU0APB1 5.1.1 02.02.2016 Download
XSG J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
LYS J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Nigeria ECT J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
ECT J200HXXU0AOJ3 5.1.1 13.10.2015 Download
Libya BTC J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
BTC J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Iraq MID J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
MID J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Morocco MWD J200HXXU0APB1 5.1.1 02.02.2016 Download
Pakistan PAK J200HXXU0APB1 5.1.1 02.02.2016 Download
PAK J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
South Africa XFA J200HXXU0APB1 5.1.1 02.02.2016 Download
XFA J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Nepal NPL J200HXXU0APA2 5.1.1 21.01.2016 Download
NPL J200HXXU0AOI6 5.1.1 06.09.2015 Download
Russia SER J200HXXU0AOK1 5.1.1 10.11.2015 Download
Saudi Arabia WTL J200HXXU0AOJ3 5.1.1 13.10.2015 Download
KSA J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Algeria TMC J200HXXU0AOJ3 5.1.1 13.10.2015 Download
Kenya AFR J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Egypt EGY J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
Ukraine (Kyivstar) SEK J200HXXU0AOIA 5.1.1 11.09.2015 Download
Kazakhstan SKZ J200HXXU0AOIA 5.1.1 11.09.2015 Download
Uzbekistan CAC J200HXXU0AOIA 5.1.1 11.09.2015 Download
Unknown ACR J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
MRU J200HXXU0APB3 5.1.1 23.02.2016 Download
BNG J200HXXU0APA2 5.1.1 21.01.2016 Download
XFU J200HXXU0AOJ3 5.1.1 13.10.2015 Download
MRU J200HXXU0AOJ3 5.1.1 13.10.2015 Download
MTZ J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
ACR J200HXXU0AOIB 5.1.1 14.09.2015 Download
BNG J200HXXU0AOI6 5.1.1 06.09.2015 Download

Source : Samsung – updates

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