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[Official][ROM] Huawei Honor 4C / Huawei G Play Mini Stcok Rom

by Ucup Budug

( Official ) Huawei Honor 4c Stock Rom / Firmware


Also known as Huawei G Play Mini

You can use these Stock firmware to :

    • Update Huawei Honor 4c
    • Downgrade Huawei Honor 4c
    • Rollback firmware Huawei Honor 4c
    • Unroot Huawei Honor 4c
    • Unbrick Huawei Honor 4c
    • Restore Huawei Honor 4c to 100% stock factory
    • Repair solutions for Huawei Honor 4c if boot loop, Hard brick, Lost recovery, or can’t boot to home screen, virus attacked, etc.

Installation guide :

    • Create a folder in dload SD-card root.
    • Extract the file in dload UPDATE.APP folder from the downloaded archive.
    • Disconnect your phone from your PC (if connected).
    • Fill in the dialer * # * # 2846579 # * # *, then select Software Upgrade -> SDCard Upgrade.
    • Learn more –> here

Note :

    • If during the upgrade fails, call the hotline Huawei customer service or contact an authorized service center Huawei
    • This update will not delete your personal data, but it is recommended to back up important data before performing the upgrade.
    • Unlocking bootloader Huawei Honor 4c —> Read Here


Model Region OS version
Size Url
Honor 4c Global 6.0 B510 (EMUI 4.0) 1GB 0abb0-download-button
5.1 B390 (EMUI 3.1) 1.2GB 0abb0-download-button
4.4 B310 (EMUI 3.0) 1GB 0abb0-download-button
China 6.0 B535 (EMUI 4.0) 828 MB 0abb0-download-button
5.1 B425 (EMUI 3.1) 1GB 0abb0-download-button
4.4 B230 (EMUI 3.0) 1GB 0abb0-download-button
 India  6.0  B510 (EMUI 4.0)  1.3GB  0abb0-download-button
 5.1 B390 (EMUI 3.1) 1.2GB  0abb0-download-button
Rusia  5.1 B310 (EMUI 3.1)  1.3GB  0abb0-download-button


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