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Official Stock Rom Firmware Galaxy S5

by Ucup Budug

Here is a list of stock firmwares for the Samsung Galaxy S5! Use Odin to flash these stock firmwares for the Galaxy S5.

You can use these files to: 
Unroot your Galaxy S5
Unbrick your Galaxy S5
Restore your Galaxy S5 to 100% Stock

Note : Adjust the Galaxy S5 model number in About phone setting or behind the battery for look your specific model.

Official Stock Rom firmware Galaxy S5 for U.S :

Official Stock Rom firmware Galaxy S5 Canadian 

Official Stock firmware Canadian Rogers Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8 , size 1.5 GB —-> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Official Stock firmware Canadian Bell Galaxy S5 SM-G900W8 , size 1.5 GB —-> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Official Stock firmware Canadian Telus Galaxy S5 SM-G900 W8 , size 1.5 GB —-> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
For official stock Rom firmware other countries or model number —-> CLICK HERE TO FIND


Our today’s article is a step by step guide to unbrick the Samsung Galaxy S5 and how to restore it to working condition. When a phone is bricked, then your data is lost and it is possible that you may never be able to fix your device.

But here we’ve a solution in this guide that how to unbrick your Galaxy S5 device easily and successfully, and make it working again as before.  Make sure that if your phone is bricked then a user cannot boot it on, means it will restart almost immediately after booting with a black screen. There are 2 types of Samsung Bricks, one is software related and this can be fixed and the second one is hardware related which you cannot fix and that will make your device unusable.

You can fix software brick of your Samsung Galaxy S5 by ODIN or by Factory Reset. ODIN will flash a new stock Android OS on your device. Remember that factory resetting will delete your all stored data on your device. So we recommend to remove your external microSD Card before going ahead.

If you tried Factory Reset and still your Galaxy S5 doesn’t boot in a normal mode then you can try to re-install the Samsung Android OS stock version by ODIN.

How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy S5 Using ODIN.

Before Getting Started :

  • Download and install Samsung USB Drivers for your PC from —-> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Download Odin 3.09 from —-> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  • Download the stock Android firmware that matches your Galaxy S5 model. Note that you can find your device’s model number under Settings > More > About Device > Build Number.
  • Video tutorial —-> HERE
  1. Now extract the zip file and save the files on the desktop of your computer. Extracted file will look like a .tar.md5 file.
  2. Now extract ODIN that you’ve downloaded from the above given link.
  3. Remove the battery of your device and then re-insert it after about 10 sec and make sure that your phone is switched off properly.
  4. Boot the Galaxy S5 in Download Mode
  5. Now run ODIN as an Administrator.
  6. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5 with a PC using USB data cable.
  7. Now click on the AP button on the ODIN window and load the .tar.md5 (stock Android OS) , Note: Make sure that “Re-partitioning” is disabled  and don’t change any default Settings in ODIN.
  8. Start the installation by pressing the START button.
  9. Set back and wait for ODIN to complete the flashing process. This process will install a new and stock Android ROM on your Galaxy S5.

When your device boots, you can then enter your default Gmail account.

I hope that if you’ve followed the above steps properly then you shouldn’t have any issue about this guide but if you still have then let us know in the comments area below and we’ll try our best to resolve.

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